Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tiny House Home Office Organization

Know what these are? These are the answer to a small office storage issue in the tiny house!

Ok, really what they are are small parts cabinets meant for the garage, but I ordered two of these babies from Amazon to organize all the stuff that goes into the desk area of my office. After looking at what I have to store I decided that I really only need one (the one with two sizes of drawers) for the office and I am going to use the other one out in the workshop.

As a teacher I have seen these used in this capacity before. Just take a look around on Pinterest and you will see there are lots of creative ways to use these little gems. The first thing I did was to see just what I could fit into the drawers. Paperclips, staples, sticky notes, you name it, I put it in. I discovered that un-sharpened pencils and many types of pens will not fit in the drawers, so I have another method for storing those, as well as scissors, tape dispensers, and other larger or longer office supplies. I will share all that with you too in a later post.

I built a slide out that this fits into so that it will fit under the desk and not be visible. A slide out is like a sideways bookcase on a track and I will be writing a post on them too. This offers a great solution for storing lots of tiny stuff that would otherwise clutter up your limited work area and the price was great too.

Interested in one of these? Here are photos of each and links to buy them:



  1. Whoa, these look very handy! THanks for the consumer tip!

  2. Oh wow these are great! I love DIY projects and could use something like this!

  3. Oh my goodness, I could use these! I am a mosaic artist using mostly scraps of stained glass. I have teeny-tiny pieces in jars and containers every where in my room. This is going on the wish list! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Cindy, visiting from Ultimate Blog Challenge on FB.

    1. This would be perfect for storing stained glass pieces! Do you have a website where you sell your art?