Monday, March 31, 2014

Chalk Painting an Antique Eastlake Dresser DIY

I have had this antique Eastlake dresser for a number of years and a number of moves. Unfortunately it has not done well in the last move. The wheels underneath were damaged and the over-all structural strength of the dresser seemed to be less and less. Afraid to use it until it was repaired, it has been in my garage for a little while awaiting my inspired efforts to return it to some of its former glory.

Using my favorite site for inspiration, Pinterest, I saw lots and lots of projects using "chalk" paint. Now don't misunderstand, this is not chalkboard paint, but chalk paint. Chalk paint is a modified paint that dries to look similar to aged paint, sans the crackle that was so popular in the 1990's. After painting, you wax the piece to retain the beauty and protect the paint job.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Job and Packing, Oh My!

Today I discuss my success at finding employment, storm season and storm shelters, packing, refinishing some old furniture, packing my pantry for moving, and some rambles. Welcome to Rancho No Dinero!

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Oklahoma Crime Statistics

I was watching an episode of Law and Order when the thought hit me: I wonder what crime in Oklahoma looks like? I hadn't really worried about it, to be honest, since I plan to live in the sticks and most crime happens in the city. However, I cannot pretend that crime doesn't happen everywhere. So I hopped on the trusty internet and let my fingers do the walking. I found the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation website has annual reports about crime statistics. This is the state equivalent to the FBI, so the statistics relate to their agency, not my town or county, but some very useful information can be gleaned from these reports. Here are some key things I have taken away from studying the stats of my upcoming state of residence:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 Tornado Season Begins

This will be the first year in my life that I actually pay attention to tornado season. Back as a kid I lived in Florida for four years and got the pleasure of experiencing hurricanes, but I have never had to worry about tornadoes before. I am fortunate enough to take comfort in knowing that I will miss the majority of tornado season this year, but June is still a pretty statistically active month in the world of storms. Here is a Weather Channel update on Tornado Season 2014 and a little bit of history about these most powerful storms:

Got any predictions about this year's tornado season? Think we will have a strong one or just a so-so? Have you experienced a tornado? Share with us below.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Season Your Cast Iron in 5 Easy Steps

These are the three pans I purchased at an antique store
before cleaning and seasoning.

I have heard and read some really negative information about health risks associated with using aluminum (thought to contribute to Alzheimer's) and non-stick coated pans (off-gassing and carcinogens). My research led me to choosing to go back to traditional cast iron and porcelain-on-steel pots and pans. My quest to find high-quality, low-cost cast iron led me to search for vintage cast iron pans as opposed to purchasing newer machined and imported pans. Buying new Lodge pans is an option, but they are somewhat expensive, so I began keeping an eye out for vintage pans at antique stores.

I purchased some really great vintage cast iron pans at an antique store while on vacation for under $20 each. They had so much carbon build up on the them that I couldn't read the maker on the bottom. When I got home and examined them closer, the thought actually crossed my mind that these may have been beyond saving. I took a gamble and I put the pans through 5 easy steps to restore them. Guess what? I couldn't be more pleased. They are wonderful!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

This Police Officer is a Genuinely Nice Guy

Edmond, Oklahoma police officer goes out of his way to reassure two girls who were worried. Just goes to show you that there are still kind people in the world that go out of their way to do good deeds. I read/watched this on Yahoo this morning and thought I would share. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Now How Did I Do That?

Ugh. I messed up my blog somehow. I managed to screw up the "comments" on here and I have NO IDEA how the hell I did it. To top  it off, I have been so busy lately I have not had time to sit down and problem solve. I am behind on so much.*

I thought I would give a brief update on my Shouse and homestead progress just to remind myself that all this craziness is for a good purpose. So here is what has been going on around the farm lately:

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rancho No Dinero Podcast #10 Closings, Cars, and More!

Get an update on the latest progress here on the farm: Closings, cars, appliances, site layout, and other bits of progress. Welcome to Rancho No Dinero!

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