Saturday, October 5, 2013

Government Furlough Affects This Blogger

Tonight I decided it was important to make sure that I put a disclaimer (per FTC rules) on my blog that I get compensated (monetarily or by product) for reviews on my site. Companies send me stuff to try out and I write an honest review of it. Yesterday I received a new Flipeez Monkey Hat (see the picture of my goofy boyfriend taking one for the team and trying it on) to evaluate and I figured while it was on my mind I would get the disclaimer written and added to my website. Tonight I sat down to write it and went to the FTC website to double check what the law requires. Instead of finding a useful website, here is I what I found:

Unfortunately, the FTC is closed due to the government shutdown.
  • The FTC Premerger Notification Office will be open to accept HSR filings.
  • Consumers cannot file complaints or register for Do Not Call.
  • All public workshops, roundtables hearings and conferences are postponed until further notice.
  • We hope to be open soon.

Now, here is what irritates me about this situation. This website is clearly active because I have found this webpage telling me they are on furlough due to the government shutdown. Information about disclosures for compensated bloggers would be found on a static webpage. There is no required work involved with a webpage that has been in existence since the last time the law was updated. Why would you have to block access to it during a furlough? It does not require anymore effort than posting the above message. I cry, "Foul!" This is just more B.S. politics at work. So, since this is a furlough, does this mean that the FTC has zero power right now? Me thinks not. Me thinks this is ridiculous.

Ironic that this all stems from a monkey hat since our government is behaving like a bunch of monkeys. That is all I have to say about that.

By the way the Flipeez hat is a hoot and I will have a review up soon ;)


  1. I am not from around your place so I do not know anything about FTC, however I'll be interested to read about your Flipeez hat review =)

  2. wow that's pretty sad for the government to shut down subjects that don't need updating. I'd understand if companies couldn't get access to government website information to keep their work flow, but basic information should be available. (PS found your blog on the Ultimate Blog Challenge).