Sunday, October 13, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Nothing makes me appreciate home quite as much as travel. I have really enjoyed spending the week in Seattle with my granddaughter visiting my boyfriend, but I was definitely ready to come home. I missed the simple things such as the comfy spot on the couch, the place I normally sit at the kitchen table, and most of all, my own pillow. I really do enjoy traveling, exploring, and seeing far off friends and family, but nothing will help one appreciate home as much as travel. I wonder if I will feel different about travel when I can just take my house with me?


  1. I also like the comforts of home, visiting places and people is fun but it's great to be home.

  2. Hi Karin, I love tiny houses and love that you are blogging about your adventure! I imagine being able to take your house with you will make a big difference. I love to travel, and although I do have a home base I'm often gone for many months at a time. There are little things I miss while I'm gone, but I'm able to re-create pieces of it, or discover new comforts, wherever I am.