Saturday, October 26, 2013

Reusable Canning Jar Lids

I love canning. I love the idea of putting by and, even more, I love the idea of being able to eat good, hearty food when times are rough. Learning to can and preserve is indispensable on a homestead as a way to preserve and extend the harvest. There are three key components to canning jars: the glass jar itself, the sealing lid, and and the ring. The rings and the jars can be reused, but the traditional aluminum canning lid cannot. Tattler Reusable lids are the answer to replacing lids year after year. They are also green because you purchase them one time and are not disposing of them each time you open a jar.

Tattler lids come in two parts: the plastic lid and a rubber gasket seal. Combined they make an excellent seal and each rubber gasket will last approximately 20 canning cycles. The seals are super reasonable (about a quarter a piece) to replace. They are BPA free and made in America too! If you buy in bulk you can save even more.

I have added 200 regular and 500 wide mouth Tattler Reusable Jar lids to my wish list along with some replacement seals. You can find them at the companies website, and find many of their products sold with a discount if you choose to buy in bulk.

Have you used Tattler lids? If so, what do you think are the pros and cons of using a reusable lid?


  1. we have not used tattler lids but bought other available in local stores. we too try to get them in bulk. advantage is the savings. disadvantage is the to much space occupied by many of them. thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Looks like something that I will have to check out next year (we are hoping to be able to grow some vegetables next summer).

    1. Morgan, if you get into canning you will find the most expensive part is just buying jars, lids, and pressure canner. Once you have all of those items you are good for years and years. I hope your vegetable garden is a great success!