Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Old School is New Again with MicroTouch One™

For years I have sought the perfect razor to shave my gams (those are your legs for those of you born after 1920). I have tried every kind of disposable razor known to man and was even dumb enough to buy one of those electric wet or dry lady shavers that never worked. In the early 1990's I jumped on the bandwagon and bought an Epilady. Ya, I screamed the first time I used it and never used it again. I am not into torture. Razor burn, pain, and nicks are the bane of my shaving existence, and I continue on my quest for the perfect razor. I was offered a chance to review MicroTouch One™ which has recently come on the market and jumped at the chance. I have to admit, I am pleasantly surprised.

The MicroTouch One™ is the modern version of the classic safety razor. It is a beautiful thing to look at and to hold. It is solid brass and plated in chrome. Shiny and solid, it has some weight to it, which after years of using disposable razors, is actually quite pleasant. If you have never used a razor where you just replace the blades, here is how it works: You twist the bottom of the handle and the top will open like a "butterfly" exposing the place where you place the blade. You use the razor until you feel that you are not getting as close a shave as you would like and then you simply replace the blade. Blades are super thin steel and VERY sharp.

You shave just as you do with a disposable razor, keeping a 45 degree angle, using shaving cream or soap, and then you open the razor and rinse it before storing. The shave is smooth and you don't need 3 to 5 blades to make it happen as some disposables advertise. However, the best part? Blades are super cheap to replace (under $3 for 25) AND are a green alternative as we are not filling up our landfill with more plastic.

The cost of the MicroTouch One™ is, you guessed it, $19.99, but it comes with 24 blades. I was paying $8 for three disposables, which comes to over $2.66 per razor. That means the initial cost, which includes the beautiful reusable shaver itself, saves me over $1.83 (if you count one blade as one disposable razor) per razor. The best part is that replacement blades, which can be found wherever shaving products are sold, are super cheap! I poked around on Amazon and found replacement blades at 3 cents per blade! That means your razors from now on are 3 cents! Whoot!

I am quite pleased overall with this razor. It did take some getting used to, but now that I have used it a couple of times I am very happy. My gams are smooth and both my pocket book and the landfills are happy. Win-win! MicroTouch One™ has been rated one of the top-three grooming brands in the country by Nielson Report for 52 weeks! That right there is quite an endorsement.

If you are interested in a MicroTouch One™, which comes in a nice case with two-dozen blades, you can go to to order. Here's to a smoother you!

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