Converting a Shed Into a House - Step by Step

I am a tiny house dweller. I didn't choose to build my tiny house on wheels because I own the land. I don't have any reason to have to move my home.

The most common question I am asked is how to convert a prefab shed building into a home. I am going to be answering this question in a series of posts and will attach links to allow you, tiny house dreamer, to do the same as me. 

Please note this page is ever evolving. Bookmark it and check back for updated information!

I will try to post pictures of my "Shouse" as I was building it and celebrate what worked and red flag what didn't. If you have any questions as your read about each of the steps, please feel free to as questions and leave feedback in the comments. If you would like to share photos about your project, eel free to email me at  I will answer questions on the post and, if I don't have an answer, will try to find one for you.

Pick the step and follow the link.

Step 1:

Step 2: Prepare Your Site

Step 3: After-delivery Preparations

Step 4: Running Electric

Step 5: Plumbing

Step 6: Insulation

Step 7: Ceilings

Step 8: Walls

Step 9: Flooring

Step 10: Heating/Air Conditioning

Step 11: Kitchen

Step 12: Bath

Step 13: Storage, Closets, Cabinets

Step 14: Furnishing That Work in a Tiny House

Step 15: Insuring Your New Home

Step 16: Weather Concerns

Step 17: Get on with Living!