Amazon: Amazon is a commonly used shopping portal. I am an Amazon Associate. If you click on one of my links that takes you to Amazon, anything you buy for the next 24 hours will add a small amount of income to my Amazon account. This helps support Tiny House Homestead. I am always grateful for this simple support. 

Photos: If I didn't take the picture on my blog post, most likely I found it on Pixabay. Pixabay is a service where bloggers, like myself, can get photos to use on their website for free. I would never want to steal another's work and publish it as my own. So, if the picture isn't obviously of my own Tiny Homestead or if I have not watermarked my photo to show www.TinyHouseHomestead,com, chances are it came from Pixabay. The only exception to this is when I am given permission to repost a photo or when I am reviewing a product and use the manufacturer's photo.