Thursday, October 10, 2013

10 Clever Things for a Tiny House from IKEA

10: Olofstorp: Wall Cabinet

(Article Number: 502.198.45)

Price: $199.99 

I would hang this above the wall-mounted drop-leaf table. Instant dining room in a very small space. Perhaps between the two windows in the living room? Could also be a great make-shift office!

Product dimensions:
Width: 29 1/2 "
Depth: 7 7/8 "
Height: 39 3/8 "
Max load/shelf: 35 lb

Key features
  • Save space by storing your plates vertically. One shelf has a high edge to keep them in place.
  • You can customize your wall organizer to suit different needs since it has two adjustable shelves.
  • Hang your wine glasses, or any glasses with a stem, from the rack under the top.

Product description:
  • Frame/ Hook/ Shelf: Solid pine, Stain
  • Back: Pine plywood, Stain
  • Handle: Molded plywood, Stain
  • Shelf: Galvanized steel
  • Knob: Solid birch, Stain

9. Norbo - Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table

(Article Number: 800.917.13)

Price: $29.99

Pair this with #10!

Product dimensions:
Width: 31 1/8 "
Depth: 23 1/4 "
Min. depth: 3 1/8 "

Key features:
  • You save space when the table is not being used as it can be folded away.
  • Solid wood is a durable natural material.
  • Seats 2.

Product description: 
  • Solid birch, Solid birch, Clear acrylic lacquer
8. Fintorp - Hanging Kitchen/Bath Organization

$2.99 to $16.99 each

A variety of items can be stored in the attractive containers or hanging from hooks in the Fintorp series. Begin with a bar and hooks. Add on planters (available in galvanized metal, white, or a minty green) and baskets to neatly store all the miscellaneous detritus that clutter kitchen counters. Practical and attractive, mix and match to fit your needs and your space. 

7. Mortorp: Brilliant Grandfather Clock Sticker

(Article Number: 002.090.28)

Price $ 9.99

A grandfather clock without the bulk! Just peel, stick, and add a hanging wall clock. A great accent and a homey touch. 

Product dimensions:
  • Height: 76 ½ "

Key features:
  • You can create a personal grandfather clock by framing an ordinary wall clock with the decorative sticker.
  • The wall shows through the transparent plastic and becomes part of the clock.
  • With decorative stickers it's easy for you to renew a room without painting or wallpapering.

Width: 13 1/2"
Height: 1/8"
Length: 20 1/2"

Product description:
  • Main parts: Polypropylene, Clear acrylic lacquer
  • Paper: Paper

6. Deka Curtain Wire

(Article Number 200.793.42)

Price $6.99

Hang a curtain for  a door to the bathroom with as small a footprint as possible or one to make the loft private for a mid-day lap. 

Product dimensions
Length: 118 "
Max. load: 4 lb

Key features:
  • Complete set with wall hardware, curtain wire and clips; ready to mount.
  • Can be easily cut to the desired length.

Product description:
  • Steel, Nickel plated, Clear lacquer
  • Includes: 1 curtain wire, 2 wall fixtures and 12 clips.

5. Sortera Recycle Bins

(Article Number 102.558.57/102.558.59)

Price $9.99 (10 Gallon) $12.99 (16 Gallon)

Clever stacking recycling bins. Come in two convenient sizes. I figure with some holes drilled in the sides these would be good for root veggies too.

Product dimensions: 
  • Width: 15 ¼ "
  • Depth: 21 ¾ "
  • Height: 17 ¾ "
  • Volume: 16 gallon

 Key features: 
  • You can easily access the contents of a bin, even when stacked, because it has a folding lid.

 Product description: 
  • Polypropylene

4. Palsmal Kitchen Towels (Colors of Fall, but any 4 pack will count)

(Article Number 402.679.12)

Price $3.99

At a buck a towel, you cannot beat the size and quality of these towels. Bonus: They have a built in loop to hang them with!

Product dimensions: 
  • Length: 28 "
  • Width: 20 "
  • Package quantity: 4 pack

People & Planet:
  • No optical brightener has been used.
  • Renewable material (cotton).
  • Shrinkage 4%.

Product description: 
  • 100 % cotton
4. Tupplur Black Out Window Blind

(Article Number: 802.284.62)

Price $14.99 + (depends on size)

IKEA also had a blind that had a rail at the top to conceal the rolled up blind in a tidy way. Reduce the bulk of a window treatment while still being able to block out sun in the hot weather or just keep the house dark when I want to sleep in.

Key features:
  • The blind is cordless for increased child safety.
  • The room darkening blind has a special coating and does not let any light through.
  • Can be mounted inside or outside the window frame, in the ceiling, or in BETYDLIG wall/ceiling bracket.
  • You can cut the width of the blind (by max. 78 3/4") to fit inside your window frame.

 Product Description:
  • Rod: Powder coating, Steel
  • Fabric: 100 % polyester
  • Fabric treatment: Acrylic
  • Bottom rail: Solid beech or birch, Solid pine or spruce
3. Mysa +365 Comforter

(Article Number: 801.321.34)

A good, warm comforter will help reduce heating costs. This one is reasonable and can be fit in a duvet. Super easy to make the bed each morning by just shaking out the cover. Easy peasy!

Product dimensions:
  • Length: 86 "
  • Width: 86 "
  • Filling weight: 71 oz
  • Total weight: 120 oz
Key features:
  • A warm down alternative comforter. Lyocell/cotton cover and Modal/polyester filling absorbs and transports moisture away.
  • Filling of 50% easy-care lyocell absorbs and transports moisture away to keep you dry at night.
  • Filling of 50% polyester hollow fibers gives the quilt a soft and airy feel.
  • Outer fabric in lyocell/cotton, an easy-care blend that breathes, absorbs and transports moisture away to keep you dry at night
Product Description: 
  • 228 thread count
  • Filling material: 50 % lyocell, 50 % polyester
  • Outer fabric: 55 % lyocell, 45 % cotton

2. Sulta Finnvik Mattress

(Article Number: 001.398.51)

SULTAN FINNVIK Memory foam mattress IKEA 25-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.
Price $299.00

Comfortable mattress at a great price. What is left to say?

Product dimensions
  • Length: 74 3/8 "
  • Width: 38 1/4 "
  • Thickness: 7 1/8 "

Key features:
  • 25-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.
  • A 2 3/8" thick layer of memory foam molds to your body, improving blood circulation to both muscles and skin, enabling your body to fully relax.
  • Five comfort zones give very precise support and relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips.
  • High-resilience foam with pressure-relieving capacity provides good comfort.
  • Lamb's wool in the filling transports moisture away and provides a pleasant sleeping climate with an even temperature.
  • Easy to keep clean since you can wash the cover by machine.
  • Easy to bring home since the mattress is roll packed.
Product description:
  • Ticking/ Ticking: 68 % cotton, 32 % polyester
  • Comfort material: 100 % lamb's wool, High-resilience polyurethane foam (cold foam) 2.2 lb/cu.ft., Polyurethane memory foam 3.1 lb/cu.ft, Polyester/viscose (rayon) fiber wadding
  • Protective fabric: Non-woven polypropylene
1. Ekerkulla Low Pile Rug

(Article Number: 202.306.27)

Price $49.99

A throw rug adds warmth and helps reduce sounds.Simple and easy to clean. 

Product dimensions:
  • Length: 6 ' 5 "
  • Width: 4 ' 4 "
  • Surface density: 8 oz/sq ft
  • Pile coverage: 3.99 oz/sq ft
  • Pile thickness: 433 "

 Key features:
  • The dense, thick pile dampens sound and provides a soft surface to walk on.
  • Durable, stain resistant and easy to care for since the rug is made of synthetic fibers.
  • Designer thoughts
  • Pile: 100 % polypropylene
  • Backing: Synthetic latex


  1. There are some really great ideas here! Thank you for sharing! I think the drop leaf table is my favorite.

    Missy Bell

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  3. Awesome ideas. I'll be letting the wife look at these. FANTASTIC!

  4. I love these ideas! We live in a tiny flat, which we love doing. These little ideas make life easier :)

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