Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mason Jar Monday - Mason Jar Luminaries

Welcome to the first of my posts for Mason Jar Monday. Mason Jar Monday will be a recurring item on Rancho No Dinero because canning jars are fantastic for so many things.

This first post will be simple. Use canning jars (or assorted jars you save) and dollar store candles (tea lights work exceptionally well for this) to create luminaries that add soft light a table, driveway, etc. inexpensively.

Epsom salts added to each jar (1 cup per jar) create gorgeous sparkles and help to stabilize the tea light candles (sold in packs of 100 at craft stores and in smaller quantities at dollar stores) and gives a reflective quality similar to snow. Epsom salt doesn't spoil and you can soak in them later in a nice hot bath (a bonus if you ask me). Here is a photo of how this can be done (note, these jars don't have the Epsom salts):

Photo Credit: Chelle Paperie

Another fun thing to do is to create Halloween or Fall themed luminaries by covering the jar with tissue paper and Mod Podge or just paint the jar and spray with a sealing lacquer like the ones shown below. These would be a great way to light the walk to help increase safety for Trick-or- Treaters:

Photo Credit: Crafts by Amanda
Finally, jars make terrific emergency lanterns. By keeping the fire contained in the jar, you are adding a layer of safety to having an open flame. Besides, jar lanterns also add ambiance to a space. If you are going to be without electric lighting anyway, you may as well have soft and attractive light to illuminate your space:

Photo Credit: The Thinking Closet 

My favorite suggestion today comes from a pin on Pinterest. Cut open a glow stick and let the magic begin:

I know these suggestions are very basic, even beginner level, but stick with me because as times go by we will be using jars to stop time and cook a meal! Soon you too will see there are countless ways to use, reuse, and recycle canning jars making them invaluable on the old homestead. Grandma did know best!

Do you use Mason/Ball/Canning jars as a source of light? Share about your creation below.


  1. I am going to have to try this is a few minutes (as soon as I get done checking off the boxes of my UBC list).

  2. beautiful source of light. would be watching this blog for more uses of jars :)

  3. These are cool ideas. It's great to share because, no matter how simple, some of us (me) would never think them! :)
    Thanks for sharing. I'll be back to see more of your ideas.

  4. Loving all these ideas and looking forward to following along through the series to see what else we create with these. I'm going to do the tea light and Epsom one soon. Thanks again for the ideas. And I also LOVE the Halloween one. The boys will love painting for that.

    Thanks again
    Power Coach Alishia

  5. These are such wonderful ideas.
    I love mason jars. I pretty much have them ALL over the house.