Sunday, June 29, 2014

Meet the Shedroom

I am excited for tomorrow because both the main Shouse building AND the Shedroom buildings will be delivered. By 6pm tomorrow I should have both shells ready to be converted into my livable tiny house!

Friday, June 20, 2014

It's Electric, Boogie Woogie

Today I purchased a good portion of the things I need to install electric in my Shouse. I have an appointment with the electric company that serves my area on the 30th of June and I will find out then how much it will cost to run the electric from the existing pole to my new place. Meanwhile, I need to get the Shouse electric run.

I Ordered My Shouse!

Check it out! I ordered it! I ordered my Shouse and it should be delivered by the 30th of this month. I sure hope it gets here sooner and you will understand why in my next post. Just suffice it to say that I have had enough of roughing it and am ready to get on with the building!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Oklahoma is OK!

Here I am in Oklahoma. Have a listen to the adventure as I made my way here, the ups and downs, and the weather. Welcome to Rancho No Dinero!

Check out this episode!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

DIY: Build a Bullet Bucket to Access Water in Your Well Manually

I have a well on my property. I was told it is a 300 ft perforated well. I know nothing of wells except that it is going to be about $1200 to put a pump, pressure tank, and switch on, in addition to having to build a pump house. Without power on my property yet, I am waiting to install the well pump. I hate having to go to town to fill up water containers, so my ever-so-clever neighbor, Terry, told me about his bullet bucket, aka torpedo bucket.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Why Small Town Libraries are The Best

Internet access on modern computers
Comfortable seating and wide selection
I have been heading into the local library to charge up my laptop, read up on some construction techniques, and get out of the heat for bit. Today I met a fellow teacher who moved here for the same reason I did! She even built a cabin-style Shouse. She moved here from Texas and was quite excited today to find out she got a teaching position secured for next year. She shared some great ideas and filled me in on some very cool hacks to get through this rough time of roughing it.

Children's Area
Tiny toilet!
The local librarian has been wonderful. She got me set up with a library card and internet access. She has been very friendly and helpful with getting me materials. She has been a wonderful resource! This library is small compared to ones in major metropolitan cities, but you would never know it. The selection is broad and the activities the library offers are varied. For the kids this summer they have a reading program every Thursday and on Tuesdays a teacher from the school across the street brings over laptops so the kids can take their Accelerated Reading tests all summer and keep up on their reading. The library has a meeting room in the back for the community to use (as long as it is a not-for-profit group). The children's reading section is really wonderful. One of the bet parts of it is the miniature sized bathroom facility. I swear that toilet is not even twelve inches off the ground! Adorable and kid-friendly!

Folks recognize you when you come in, welcome you, and help you find all the materials you need. No getting lost or just being another face like at over-sized, big-city libraries. Small town libraries are simply the best!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Round and Round the Shouse We Go!

Well, I am here on my property and I could not be more pleased with the beauty of this piece of land. I still can’t get over it being mine! The trees, the greenery, and the cool breeze all conspired to make me fall in love. My neighbors and new friends prepared for my arrival by mowing my yard and then gave me a lovely gift basket with some great locally made or grown products. She even included a book on raising goats!  Let me back up a step and tell you all about my arrival here.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Flora and Fauna June 7 2014

I know that I could ramble on for hours about the beauty of my place, but I thought I would just show you some of the beauty via photos. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hello? Can You Hear Me Now?

My first week here in Oklahoma has been both eventful and uneventful. Happy and sad at the same time. I cannot begin to tell you how nice the folks are here. I have had nothing but positive interactions with everyone I have met. Let me give you some examples:

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Second Leg of My Journey - Gallup, NM to Shamrock, TX

Gallup, NM to Shamrock, TX
I made it all the way to Shamrock, TX last night before finally calling it quits. It was about 2 am when I rolled up here at the Western Motel and the town was all rolled up itself. The room is nice and the shower was delightful. I fell asleep within 2 min of crawling into bed.