Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Woods Stoves for the Tiny House

The weather has started to shift and mornings are cold here in Oklahoma. That means it is probably cool where you live as well. Are you considering a small wood stove for your tiny home? There are so many out there, so I started looking around at options. 

The stove I covet is this one on the left. Isn't she beautiful? 

The model is the 2b Classic by Morso. Made of cast iron and embossed with leaves and a squirrel, I think this stove is attractive and practical. What stops me in my tracks each year is the cost of close to $2000 or more (depending on where you live.) Its footprint may be small, but it still requires clearance and that eats up space in a tiny home. However, I will continue to dream of a way to fit this little lovely into my Tiny House.

Living Lightly has a great article showcasing some other small-footprint stoves for heating a Tiny House.  Living Lightly: Simple Intention Living has an insightful post with photos, prices, and a review of each of the more popular stoves for tiny house dwellers. If you are considering buying a tiny stove for your tiny house application, check out the article here:

What are you using to heat your tiny home? Tell us about it in the comments. Stay warm, my friends!