Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Stinky Cat

Remember the song from the television Friends Smelly Cat? Ya. I got to experience that first-hand last night. Seems my cat, Boots, has met the business end off a skunk. Boy does he stink. When I got home last night the smell of skunk was very strong. I carefully looked about since I certainly did not want to surprise a skunk in the dark. My cats always meet me at the front door when I arrive home and while I did not see a skunk, I could definitely tell the scent was stronger. I commented to my son that I thought one of the cats might have gotten sprayed. He was bold enough to get close and take the sniff test. Oh yes, poor Boots reeked! Pee-yew!

Needless to stay I made him stay outside last night. I poked around on the web for ways to get rid of the smell. All of the information I found said to give him a bath. Ya, that is so not going to happen. I had visions of Boots clawing his way out of the water and I know that is just not an option for that farm cat. So, outside he will stay until the scent wears down and is more tolerable. The temperatures outside are still in the 70's during the day and 50's at night, so he is perfectly fine to hanging around the yard and sleeping on the porch for a couple of days.

Let's hope this is a first and a last for Boots!

**UPDATE:  Well, it is just one day later and I don't know how he did it, but Boots is skunk stink free. I am guessing he spent most of the night and part of today rolling in dirt and cleaning himself. Let's hope he learned his lesson and doesn't attempt to romance anymore skunks!**