Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Spinal Surgery Scheduled

I went back to the Neurosurgeon the other day. As you may or may not know, I had a sudden onset problem with pain in my neck and arm. Well, the news is not good. I have to have two of my discs removed from my cervical spine and a third will need to be done within the next ten years. The surgeon and I discussed the pros and cons of taking care of that third disc during this upcoming surgery and he told me it is a longer surgery requiring longer sedation and a significantly longer recovery period. We decided together to take care of the two discs that are impinging on my spinal cord at this time and taking care of the other at a later time as it is not as significant. I will be having surgery on December 16th and will have a two week recovery period before I can return to work.

The surgeon, one of the best  at OU, will be going in through my neck. He will work between my carotid artery and esophagus by retracting them to get at my cervical spine. He will remove the discs at C5/6 and C4/5 then he will fill the space with cadaver bone and use a titanium plate to secure three levels of vertebra. The only complication he expects is I will have a sore throat for a few days. I will only need to be in the hospital for 24 hours.

I have to be honest in saying this type of surgery frightens me a bit. I broke my lower back in a car accident years ago and recovery was very hard. I wore a back brace and had to use a walker for close to six months. However, the doctor assures me this is not as bad a repair as a broken spine and recovery should be much easier. I won't even have to wear a neck brace (thank goodness) and except for having limitations on lifting heavy things for a time, my activities should not be impacted. I am grateful my adult son has come to stay for a bit and help out on the homestead during my recovery.

I suspect with time off from work I will be able to get some more updating of the blog done and get some indoor projects taken care of during my two weeks off from work. I may even get some sewing done!

My situation is just an example of some of the unexpected trials and tribulations you may face when you start the adventure of homesteading and/or building and living in a tiny house. I am certainly not looking for pity, but continue to give a fair and accurate accounting of how difficult some situations can be. I am grateful I will have this surgery before the winter months, as opposed to spring, summer, and fall when homestead projects include building and gardening activities. I expect to be up and running full steam long before spring rolls around.

So folks, keep me in your prayers as I ready myself for surgery.