Saturday, November 7, 2015

8 Electric Heater Styles that are Actually Attractive

Finally the weather is beginning to shift here in Oklahoma. Tonight we have our first frost warning. How exciting, right?  Living in a tiny house things need to be practical for sure, but shouldn't everything be attractive as well? That got me poking around investigating electric heaters that will work well in a Tiny House. 

Here are 8 electric heater styles for your Tiny House that are both practical and attractive. They vary in cost from under $50 to around $500.  Each of these is available on Amazon for easy ordering and shipping. Just click on any of the pictures to learn more about it such as cost, measurements, and energy usage. Super easy shopping via Tiny House Homestead. Can't beat that, right?

Here we go...

1. Electric Fireplace - Buying an electric fireplace that is also a piece of furniture adds warmth both in temperature and visually in your space. There are so many of these on the market today you are sure to find one to fit your particular style and budget. Some are designed serve as television/entertainment centers, some add to your storage with shelving options, and some just look nice.

2. Wall Panel Convection Heater - Convection heaters won't heat a room up in minutes, but they gently warm a space and are safe to the touch. You can paint them and decorate them to make them blend in or become wall art. These heaters are safe around children too. 

3. Heater in a Lamp - How exciting is this? A functional lamp with a built in heater is surely the best of both worlds. No large appliance to take up additional space, just set your lamp on the end table or place the floor lamp/heater by your favorite seat. Let's all give a moment of thanks to the genius who came up with this!

4. Wood Stove-Style Heaters - Combine the homey feel of traditional wood burning stoves and the safety and efficiency of an electric heater to add warmth to your space. These compact, lightweight units are easy to move about and store. The soft glow of the faux fire adds soft light to the space as well. Choose a red, black, white, or blue unit to compliment your decor.

Retro Radio Heater (comes in red, blue, and white)

5. Table Top Space Heaters - Some space heaters can sit on a table or shelf and look attractive. Choose a retro style unit that resembles an old school radio or a more modern model with color and sleek lines. Either way, you can stay toasty warm on the coldest of days.

6. Floor Style Space Heaters - These units are traditionally used as supportive or extra heat sources where there are cold spots in a home. However, in a tiny house these can work very well, especially if your tiny house is well insulated or a smaller model of less than 200 square feet. On the other hand, they are still a wonderful way to add extra heat to a cold kitchen or by your favorite chair.

7. Wall Mount Fireplace Heater - Low on floor space? No problem, here's the perfect solution. Much like a flat screen television, you hang these on the wall. Add this to your home as a focal point of the room or how about in the loft by the bed? Sleek and attractive, wall mount fireplace heaters can be wall art too. The best part? They come with a remote.


8. Make Your Own Electric Fireplace/Heater - Some folks are just creative. Why not build your own mock-fireplace? Just add electric logs and faux flame. Bam! You have your own unique fireplace. 

Electric heat is a quick and easy source of warmth. Does your Tiny House have a loft? Buy a heater with a remote control. If the loft gets too warm, adjust the electric heater from the comfort of your bed. When you wake up, turn the heat up higher, give it a few minutes, and when you get up the tiny house will be toasty warm. No fuel tanks to refill, no ash to clean out, electric heat is convenient. Electric heating is safe and effective. Simple to use, you can adjust temperature to your liking. 

Tiny House Homestead uses a combination of heating sources. In addition to baseboard heat, we have a lovely electric fireplace which also serves as our entertainment center and extra book storage. The living room would not be the same without it. 

How about your tiny house? How do you heat your home? Share with us below. 

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