Saturday, November 21, 2015

Look inside my Shed Made into a Tiny House

Lot's of folks email asking for what my Tiny House from a prefab shed building looks like inside. I thought today I would share some pictures. These pictures were taken at different times, so some things have changed such as adding photos to walls, finishing out parts of the rooms, etc. However this will give you a feel for the Tiny House life I lead. 

The kitchen is very functional.
The antique cook stove has become an island
and I have since added a traditional range/oven. 

Functional and practical are important in a small space.
 Plastic containers for my things helps keep
 them clean and tidy.

My table and chairs also serve as my recording studio.
I have since added photos and storage to the wall above it.

My living room is functional and cozy.
The electric fireplace adds heat in the winter and
I love the gentle flicker of the fireplace. 

The Shedroom is the perfect size bedroom.
I have two twin beds.
 It is not yet insulated, but that is coming soon.

Putting the night tables at the foot of the bed
allows for additional storage.

I built the closet by adding poles.
I plan to enclose the closet at some point.
I would also like to add practical shoe storage.
 The process of building my own Tiny House has been a fantastic experience. I just love how it has turned out. My home is warm and cozy. It is not near as small as some may think. I would compare it in size to a one bedroom apartment. 

How has your Tiny House turned out on the inside? Share with us in the comments below.