Saturday, November 30, 2013

Use a Utility Sink for a Bathroom Sink - Brilliant Hack

Zenith Wash Tub

I have been drawing out scale the plans for my shouse. I have been pleased over-all with the layout and space, but the bathroom sink has thrown me for a loop. The dimensions of the bathroom will be approximately 9' x 8' and will include a 3' diameter stock tank tub (more on that in future posts), a composting toilet, and the stacking washer and dryer. In the original tiny house I would not have had a separate sink, which is why I went with the clawfoot tub faucet/shower combo (go here to see that). However, I now that I have room for a sink, the choices are overwhelming.

American Standard Faucet
Mapping out the layout of the bathroom and I what I have to fit in that space, I was considering building a custom cabinet and dropping in the common oval lavatory sink found in the local big box stores or at a second-hand builder supply, but I just wasn't satisfied with what I found. Then I had a great idea. Why not install a utility sink (aka laundry sink)? I know, save your groans and laughter. Let's just do a little pro and con list to help us make our decision:


  • Free-standing: Just put on a skirt and conceal stuff underneath.
  • Deep: Holds lots of water and can fit bulkier items than in the kitchen sink.
  • Durable: Plastic construction is chip-proof and doesn't rust or mildew.
  • Utilitarian: I can drain the washer into it instead of having to put in another drain (which critters could possibly enter the shouse through). Helps simplify my plumbing. 
  • Roomy: I could wash a dog or a child in it along with paint brushes and other "too messy for the kitchen sink" tasks. 
  • Cost Effective: A durable sink starts at just $40 delivered on Amazon. The faucet is another $40. Not bad!


  • Attractiveness: It is a utility sink. Many do not like the shape, size, or plastic look. There are ones in cabinets, but with my budget I won't spend the money for one. I will simply add a skirt that coordinates with my shower curtain (I will post a DIY when I get that done). 
  • Stability: Many reviews complain the sinks don't feel stable. They may require additional bolting or securing. I plan to secure mine to the wall at the least.
  • Depth: These sinks are very deep, if you are used to filling up your sink just to wash your face you will probably have issues.

The model I chose, shown at the top of this post, also has a convenient shelf underneath where I can store extra supplies in addition to a built in wash board, a place to put the drain hose from the washing machine, and a soap dish that can be moved to either side of the sink. It comes with a plug, but I will be adding a plug on a chain (just like grandma had) and a basket/screen (again, like grandma had. Damn that woman was wise.) to prevent anything I drop, such as jewelry or toothpaste caps, from heading on out to the garden in the gray water. I am not impressed by the "built in utility hooks" as they are just a few inches up the legs (what the heck would I hang there?) or the towel bar. I am guessing the towel bar helps add stability to the unit as would the shelf. The thing I like best about this particular model, and one of the deciding factors, is that it sits 4" higher than most other models. That is a much more convenient height for me. Poking around on Pinterest and on Google images, I have found lots of pictures of skirts to cover the sides and modifications like shelves and lids that fit across the top, both of which make these a little less stark and add some flat surface for other tasks. My boyfriend suggested finding a cutting board to fit on the top. A little country flair from some natural wood. He is a smart man too. I can add two handles (drawer pulls?) and lift the lid up like a serving tray.

The sink I have chosen is shown here in the big box store video. I will buy mine on Amazon (cause I am cheap and that is where I can get the best deal), but this video describes the sinks and options pretty well (try to ignore how this is a campaign to bag on and discredit the other big box home improvement store):

What do you think? Is this something you would consider? 

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  1. I think it's a great idea!! I've wished I had a utility sink on my wee back porch! And a skirt will pretty it up!
    My son uses a stock tank as a hot tub! They got it for their birthing tub 8 years ago, andmy grandson was born in it!