Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's Raining, It's Pouring - Finally Rain In The Desert

It's raining, it's pouring, this old lady is...


This weekend it is supposed to rain consistently. I know, I know, you live where it rains and you would just love the sunshine of Arizona. Well, after 31 years in Arizona (minus a couple here and there), I am ready for weather. I want rain. I want snow. I want cloudy days.

In order to grow things we must have rain. We must have rain and snow melt in order to keep our wells full, rivers running, crops watered. Our gardens cannot grow and our animals will not survive if we do not have rain. This has me thinking about Oklahoma. I wonder how much rain and snow they get as compared to Arizona. So I decided to do some research this evening and compare them. Here is what I learned:

Annual Rainfall:
Arizona: 8.3 inches
Oklahoma: 40.81 inches

Average Snowfall:
Northern Arizona: 24.6
Oklahoma: 7.8 inches

Average Number of Days with Temp Over 100:
Arizona:  92
Oklahoma: 15

So, what does this data tell me? It tells me I won't have to worry about being snowed in very often AND I may still need an air conditioning unit for a few days a month. It also tells me that I will enjoy rain more frequently!

Do you enjoy the rain? How much rain do you get where you live vs Arizona? Comment below so we can learn about the climate where you live.