Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What is the Measure of True Friend

I have some great friends. True friends, not just people who are acquaintances, but true friends. True friends are the ones who are there when there is a problem. True friends are ones that don't just shake their heads and agree that a bad situation sucks, but offer up solutions that perhaps you hadn't thought of before. I am not a friend collector. I do not have gobs and gobs of people whose names I drop to others, nor do I move in large circles where I remember every person I meet. I would be a really lousy politician for sure. However, those I do count among my friends are limited in number and have been friends for years. These are people who I call "good people" and are the kind of folks that rally together when times get tough, feed others who are in need, roof a house when a storm hits unexpectedly, etc.

Last night I got to visit with some of my friends at a monthly gathering I attend. Most of these friends know my goal of building my house and moving, they know my hopes and aspirations, they support my dreams even if they think living in a tiny house is crazy. It doesn't matter. They will support and defend my right to that dream 110%. I had been sharing with two particular friends recently about my concerns for finding the type of work I want when I move to the sticks. Concerns about a career change, wanting to make more money than a teacher (I haven't had a pay raise in 4.5 years!), and my desire to work from home all were topics we covered. On my way out to my car at the end of the evening last night one of these dear friends stopped me to tell me that her company wants to hire me. The pay is similar to what I make now, but the best part is I will be able after 6 months to work from home via telecommuting and internet! OMG, talk about an answer to prayer! Honestly, I cried in my car all the way home. What a huge weight to be lifted off my shoulders.

Being a teacher is an honorable profession, don't get me wrong, but moving from state to state is a pain in the neck. Certification, education, and hoop jumping ensues. There is a joke that teaching is the only profession where employees steal from home to take stuff to work. We are overworked, underpaid, panned in the media, and given very little respect for what we do. The worst part is trying to enter into the private sector after being a teacher for 16 years. There are not a lot of companies that advertise for employees with a degree in education. While I think getting a degree in education and a subsequent Master's in US History was smart and I enjoyed the challenges, looking at a career change at my age is daunting and my degree isn't really doing a lot to help me in today's market place.

That being said, here is my opinion about finding work in today's market place: It is 20% what you know and 80% who you know. Most good jobs are not advertised, but filled by valued employees who can recommend someone that may work out. I will still have to prove that I can handle the job and fulfill the companies needs, but just getting my foot in the door is the largest part of that battle. I am so very grateful for those in my life, especially those who I count among my friends.


  1. I agree, this is the nature of the rat race....it is not the quality of work or your ability...it is who you know!

  2. Great to have such wonderful friends!