Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Book Review How To Decorate The Tiny House

Anyone who has ever lived in a small space knows that in addition to the difficulty of just fitting all of your possessions into a small space, decorating it can be just as tough. Color and pattern has a large impact on not just how the room appears, but how we feel about the space we live in. Clutter can lead to a feeling of anxiety and discontentment, while certain colors can bring out emotions like anger and sadness. Andrew Odom of  Tiny R(e)volution, a site dedicated to those who wish to live the tiny lifestyle, has released an ebook entitled How to Decorate A Tiny House. The book is packed with tips and tricks for comfortably living in a dwelling of small space. Storage, furniture, and even what colors to paint and decorate with are covered in this handy 48 page ebook. Right now the book is on sale for $2 and will then list at $4.95. I purchased it at the sale price, but I would purchase it at the regular price too as it did have some valuable information. Even if you just live in a small house or apartment, the instruction into putting it all together is worth more. If you are someone who does or is planning to move into a very small space, I highly recommend you read this book. The sale price on this book is good from November 5 until November 8, or until the 100 copies they allotted sell out.

Do you have any tips or tricks for decorating a small space you would care to share with others? Feel free to share them in the comments. Happy decorating!


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    1. I had a really small apartment at one point and I could have used quite a few of these tips for sure!

  2. It IS difficult to decorate a small space, you're right! My only tip is to bring in as little clutter as possible. When we lived in a one-bedroom apartment, I would see things all the time that I wanted because they were cute or helpful or whatever. But I didn't buy them, because I knew I had no place to put them!

  3. I know people who lives in very small subsidies apartment which most of them don't have any room. I could see were this could be handy.
    I enjoy this blog and find it interested so I now have it as part as my coffee pal list.
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  4. knowing people though friends and clients that they live in subsidies apartment which a usual on the small side. I believe most of them could use this book to help them along.

    After being part of UBC I add some new blogs to my coffee pal list.

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  5. Thanks for sharing, useful for me just moving