Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mason Jar Monday - Color Coded Cheese Shaker Hack

Today's Mason Jar Monday is just a tweak on an old favorite: Using cheese shaker lids from store brand cheese on mason jars. Now anyone who enjoys canning jars or uses Pinterest has probably seen this idea before, but while I was pouring my new container of cheese into a new jar because it was 3 Cheese Blend instead of Parmesan, which I already had, I noticed the lid colors were different:

I decided to take this discovery a step further and choose different jar shapes. 

The great thing about this old trick is that the lids have a shaker side and a spoon/pour side. 

I planned to use canning labels to identify them still, but since I will almost always have these in my refrigerator, I decided to make labels that are permanent and can be washed when I wash the jar. Since I like to cross stitch (easy projects, not big fancy pictures, ugh!), I purchased plastic cross stitch plastic canvas and stitched labels for both. I sewed them to a circle of elastic I can easily slide on and off. I think they turned out rather nice: 

So there you have it, Mason Jar Monday's Cheese Shaker hack. Have a great week!