Monday, October 6, 2014

Mason Jar Monday: Heritage Lantern Jars for Halloween, Fall, and Thanksgiving

Ball Heritage Green Jars for 2014
Ball has released new jars this year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the "Perfection" mason jar. Last year they released blue jars, however this year they released green. The green jars hearken back to popular colors of the 1930's. I love these limited edition jars and have been finding clever ways to integrate them into my decor.

One of my favorite ways to use them right now is decorating for Halloween, Fall, and Thanksgiving. I found these clever little tea light holders at my local craft store and decided they would be perfect to use in my vintage-style jars. I added flicker LED candles and instantly had some fun lighting to use around my home. For Halloween, Fall, and Thanksgiving I am going to add candy corn to the bottom of the jar as well.  I plan to switch the holders over to the blue jars for winter decorating, adding Epsom Salt to make "snow." These are a great and inexpensive way to decorate. The holders were $3.50 each and the jars are sold in a six-pack for just under $10.

I love the color of these green jars!

Flicker LED candles are pretty and safe.

Looking for some of these jars for your collection? You can order them directly through Ball, however they are sold in most craft stores and your local big box SprawlMart. Similar (but sadly not the same) tea light holders can be found at craft stores and online. The ones I purchased were made by Darice.

The tea light holders safely hold real tea lights,
but I think flicker LED's are better. 
I love to decorate with Mason Jars and these limited edition Heritage jars will add charm and a touch of vintage charm to my holiday decorating for years to come. I wonder if there will be any other colors produced by Ball next year. Wouldn't red be fantastic for Valentines Day and paired up with the blue ones for Patriotic holidays?