Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Leaf Flower Power

I found this awesome tutorial to make Fall Leaf Roses and wanted to share it here. These awesome flowers combine my love of fall leaves and all their magnificent colors, with my love for a floral centerpiece on my table. Imagine the possibilities with these clever flowers. I plan to try making some from artificial silk fall leaves from the craft store so that I can use them for years to come, but I know I will make some from all the beautiful ones here on my property, I adore fall!

Did you try making one? Share your thoughts or Fall Leaf Roses below!

Photo Credit: I was given this photo by a "share" on Facebook. Credit needs to go to Nicole Duke for this photo array, however I  attempted to find Nicole via Google, without success. I have no idea how locate her to let her know I am using her photo. If you know Nicole Duke and/or how I can find her, please let me know. I would love to tell her "Thank you!"