Monday, October 20, 2014

Heritage Blue Mason Jar Bird Feeder

I love all things Mason Jar and I love all things galvanized. I combined my two favorites when I made this simple bird feeder. I actually planned to fill it with candy corn and leave it on the table for a fall decoration, but then I found these great instant handles for jars and decided I liked it better hanging.

This Mason Jar bird feeder was super easy to assemble. Total cost for this project is under $5.

Here is what you will need:

1 Mason Jar (quart size)
1 Galvanized Chicken Feeder (local feed store or Tractor Supply)
1 Mason Jar Bale Handle.
Clear tape (cellophane or packing)

How to assemble:

Attach the bail handle to the mouth of the jar. The handle needs to be taped to the side of the jar with a couple pieces of clear tape to prevent it from allowing the jar to tip over. Next, fill the jar with bird seed. Finally, screw on the chicken feeder base.

I chose to hang mine in the window as a little country touch, but this would look great on a porch or hanging from a tree. Because the base that holds the birdseed is so wide, you will want to keep it out of the path of lots of rain.

To clean just take the base off the jar and wash. Refill and rehang. That's it! Like I said, super easy!

Happy Mason Jar Monday!