Saturday, October 4, 2014

5 Great Podcasts for Homesteaders

I have an insatiable need to read and to learn. However, life is crazy and I find I have very limited time, which means reading is often a treat. Luckily I have discovered the joy of podcasts and vlogs (video blogs). Each day during my 50 minute commute to and from work I listen to podcasts via bluetooth earbuds and my Ipad. Eventually I hope to put in a new stereo that has an auxiliary or bluetooth capability, but for now my system seems to be working. I have an eclectic mix of podcasts I subscribe to, so I never get bored with content.

Being a homesteader, I, of course, listen to as many podcasts as I can on the topic. I have discovered many great and informative podcasts as well as some that are just entertaining. I thought today I would share my top five favorites that pertain to homesteading. These are listed in no particular order. I hope you find them as interesting, educational, and informative. Enjoy!

1. Canning Season: Celebrating the Abundance
John Galvin does a great job of sharing his passion for canning and preserving. Each episode covers canning a particular fruit or vegetable, even meats, with a focus on quality and safety. Mr. Galvin interviews experts in the field as well. The thing I most appreciate about Mr. Galvin's podcast is his willingness to share his mistakes as well as his successes. You can find his podcast on Itunes or at his blog Canning Season.

2. Becky's Homestead: More of What Matters
Becky is a homesteader located in Florida. A former rat in the rat race, Becky quit running and built her own log cabin. Now Becky focusses on a quality lifestyle of self-sufficiency and independence. Her donkey, Doodles, cracks me up. I appreciate Becky's honest take on homesteading and love her fun videos. You can find Becky's videos on YouTube and her blog at Becky's Homestead.

3. Chicken Thistle Farm
"Honestly raising pastured chickens, turkeys, pigs, and heirloom vegetables, Chicken Thistle Farm openly shares our values and process. By remaining transparent our customers are empowered to make better choices. Our reward is watching people reconnect with the origins of their food and appreciate the value of a farm animal." --Farmer Andy

4. Our Half Acre Homestead
Mrs. Volfie (and Mr. Volfie) live on their own small homestead in Canada. Mrs. Volfie puts together videos of all kinds of things to help those who wish to learn to do things for themselves. She has excellent tips and tricks and her recipes are wonderful. Check out her v-blog on YouTube at Our Half Acre Homestead.

5. You CAN Homestead
You CAN Homestead is hosted by Gail Decalio who lives on 59 acres in Georgia. Ms. Decalio has lots of wisdom to share and she keeps things interesting. Gail has lots of old-school wisdom she shares and I love the sound of her voice. You can find her podcast on Itunes or at home blog You CAN Homestead.

Bonus: Don't forget I have a podcast too. You can find Rancho No Dinero on Itunes as well!

If you find some of these become your favorites, be sure to let them know by giving them feedback on Itunes. Remember, comments are a bloggers paycheck!

Happy listening!