Thursday, October 2, 2014

15 Best Solo Activities for a Rainy or Snowy Day

It's all the chatter on Facebook. Rumor has it that this year is going to be a very cold and snowy winter. Last year the east coast got slammed with some really foul weather. Everyone was complaining about having to stay home. I can't even imagine. I was stuck in Arizona where we had two seasons, hot or hotter. I love weather! In fact, one of the factors that helped me make the final decision to move to Oklahoma is the change of seasons and of weather. With fall approaching I have been thinking and dreaming about dreary and cold days. What will I do during those fantastic periods of time? Here are 15 ideas I have come up with for how I will spend those days when the rain or snow limits my ability to leave the house: 

  1. Read: Catch up on all those magazines, blogs, and novels you have wanted to read. 
  2. Sleep in: Catch up on sleep. Enjoy dozing until late morning. Coffee in bed. Ahhhh, yes.
  3. Sip coffee/cocoa and watch out the window: Enjoy the beauty nature has to offer.
  4. Complete a crossword or word search puzzle: Exercise for the brain.
  5. Deep clean the house: (organize pantry, sort seasonal/worn out clothes, clean/organize pantry, closets, cabinets, etc.). Remember all those tasks you haven't gotten to due to not enough time? A rainy or snowy day is a great time to tackle them.
  6. Update a journal or blog: Get in touch with your inner writer. 
  7. Paint/Sew/Craft/Scrapbook: If you child is 6 and you still haven't added his baby pictures to the family album, snowy or rainy days are a great day to catch up on documenting.
  8. Plan a spring or summer garden: Start looking through all those seed catalogs and draw out next years gardens. 
  9. Play outside in rain or snow: Put on your coat, hat, and gloves. Take a walk in the weather. Breathe in the smell of the rain or enjoy the silence of the snow. 
  10. Cook or bake: Cold weather is a great time to bake. You don't have to worry about heating up the house with the oven. Enjoy the smell and comfort of fresh baked goods. How about a hearty stew? Nothing could be better on a cold day.
  11. Play solitaire: When is the last time you played a card game?
  12. Write a letter/catch up on correspondence: When is the last time you sent a letter via snail mail? Not a letter writer? Clean out your email inbox. 
  13. Back up computer files: While you are on the computer, take the time to run back up and defragment it. 
  14. Watch a tear jerker or scary movie: Pop some popcorn and curl up to a good flick.
  15. Rearrange rooms/update decor: Have you been wanting to rearrange furniture or freshen things up a a bit? Snowy and rainy days are great days to tackle indoor maintenance or redecorating. 

What do you like to do on rainy or snowy days?