Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tiny House Hot Tub/Swimming Pool

I think that in another life my granddaughter was a mermaid. She LOVES the water. So, being the Nona of the Year, I went and got a cheap, above ground swimming pool for my house this year so we could both enjoy the cool water during this hot summer when she comes to visit. The pool I bought was a cheap model made by Intex purchased at my local SprawlMart that was $48.00. I bought this particular model because it had a pool filter and last year my $25 model did not and it got icky super fast. At 10' in diameter and just over 1,000 gallons, it is nice to relax in after a long day.

So the other day after inflating the darn ring which never stays inflated in the 100+ degree Arizona sun, I was chillin' in the pool after a long day, sippin' a cold beer and contemplating the stars when it struck me that there is a 10' galvanized stock tank at my local feed store that would be a great pool next year. I know they have them because that is where I went to get the stock tank that is my bathtub/shower. It would be solid, already has a convenient built in drain to flush it, AND I wouldn't have to inflate every stinking time I wanted to sit in it. Done right, I could actually take the pump from this cheap pool and use it to circulate water in the stock tank pool. However, there is no way this plastic pool is going to survive more than two seasons in Arizona and it will never make it through a single winter in Oregon. I have no desire to try to drain it and store it and hope that it goes up next season without leaking since I don't have a ton of confidence in the cheap plastic. However, a stock tank will stand up to most weather without failure.

First thing this morning I called my feed store to get a price quote on a tank. I actually decided to go with a 10' stock tank, which will allow me to use it as a wading pool and then as a hot tub once I get to Oregon. Oh yes, you read correctly....HOT TUB!

Poking around on the web and YouTube, I discovered a way to use a rocket stove to heat the water in my "pool."  Combine that with a solar water pump and, bam, instant hot tub. I can imagine myself now sitting in the nice hot water while snow gently falls all around me! Oh my!

Being the cheap practical gal I am, I put pencil to paper to estimate the costs.

  • 10' diameter by 2' deep Galvanized Stock Tank $239.99
  • Solar Pump $75 (give or take)
  • Pool Cover $25
  • Rocket Stove (home built)

I estimate for around $350 or so dollars I will have not only a pool/hot tub, but a great place for extra water storage, just in case. I think done right this will be awesome! But, hey, if it doesn't work, I can always use the stock tank around the homestead. Heck, I could even make it into a pond!

What do you think?