Friday, June 20, 2014

I Ordered My Shouse!

Check it out! I ordered it! I ordered my Shouse and it should be delivered by the 30th of this month. I sure hope it gets here sooner and you will understand why in my next post. Just suffice it to say that I have had enough of roughing it and am ready to get on with the building!

I drove out to Noble, OK yesterday to Bargain Barns and Buildings, LLC. and met Lacey Day. Lacey was a tremendous help with showing me all the buildings and options. There were many buildings on the lot to choose from. In fact the lot was so large we rode around in a golf cart! I quickly fell in love with a building I didn't think I would ever choose just looking at in a brochure, however walking into the building immediately changed my mind!

This building has a porch leading up to the front door. I thought of this as wasted space when I was looking at it on the website and in the catalog, but now I realize how important this bit of coverage will be on a day with rain or when I am muddy from the garden. It isn't a large porch, but I could put one of those awesome rockers they sell at Cracker Barrel and enjoy the cool evenings.

There are three windows right now, which definitely is not enough. I will be adding more in time. I plan to add one on the front and two more on the back.

I like that the front door has windows in it. I enjoy a little more light and the porch will shade direct sunlight from streaming into the house and heating it up.

Screens on all the windows which is a must here in Oklahoma.

Such a cute porch. Just the right size for a rocker!

I need a welcome mat and some decor to jazz this entrance up a bit. Plus I need to hose of the mud dauber dirt along the window. Mud daubers are tenacious out here. If a building sits undisturbed long enough, they will move in like shiftless squatters. 

Terrific attic storage space and a place for all my silk plants just like I had in Phoenix.

It doesn't look like much right now, but if you could take a stroll through my mind's eye, you would be amazed at what this will transform into in just a couple of short years. Stay turned cause there is much, much more to come!


  1. OMG, Karin, I looked at this VERY SAME MODEL!!!!! It is GREAT!!!! I hope you LOVE IT AND THAT YOU ARE VERY VERY HAPPY THERE!!!! Debbie Paulson in So. Tx.