Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Macbook Pro Mid 2012

It is no secret I have long coveted the MacBook Pro. Actually, pretty much any Apple product makes me salivate. However, when I checked the prices to buy myself one, I found the cost too prohibitive. Several of my friends and coworkers own a
MacBook Pro which they have had since their college days, so I got a chance to play around on a couple to help me decide whether or not I thought the cost was worth the investment. I also did some research on the different models to see which one might best fit my needs.

Things I considered while doing my research:

  • I am planning on using the MacBook primarily to produce my podcast and update my blog (I am not a gamer)
  • I want something relatively lightweight and small enough to take on travels
  • I need a model that can easily be updated/have parts replaced as needed

What I discovered in my research was a dedicated cult following for the MacBook Pro Mid 2012 model. Why would anyone want a computer that is 6 years old in this day and age? Well let me tell you what I discovered:

  • The MacBook Pro Mid 2012 model (MD101LL/A) is still being sold today by Apple, it is just buried on their website 
  • It has a CD drive for those of use who still like to watch old school CD's on their computer
  • It has two USB 3, an SD slot, and a Thunderbolt port
  • Bluetooth and 802.11n LAN
  • The battery, RAM, and hard drive can easily be updated/upgraded
  • This model can still be updated to the latest iOS x
  • While it does not have a retina screen, the resolution is still surprisingly good
  • Mac peripherals work with this model as well (iPad, Apple Watch, Magic Mouse 2, etc.)
  • A refurbished or used MacBook Pro can be purchased for $400 - $800 on Amazon

Well, after much consideration I decided to buy one and picked one up on Amazon for just $379. I bought it from a company that sells refurbished computers and it came with 8 gb of RAM and a 500 gb hard drive. This is more than enough computer for my needs and I cannot express just how much I enjoy having the MacBook Pro.

I added a super clicky keyboard for when I am at home writing along with a Magic Mouse 2. Getting familiar with the operating system has been a challenge only because I am so used to Windows based machines. The Apple product is intuitive and it hasn't taken me long to begin using all the great features.

There are many fancy new models of the MacBook Pro, but for those (like me) on a budget, the Mid 2012 model just may be the answer. Remember, living on the homestead is about living well, but being practical. This laptop is a great compromise between desire and need. Who could ask for anything more?

Now to test out Garage Band to produce my next podcast.

Have a great week everyone!