Sunday, June 29, 2014

Meet the Shedroom

I am excited for tomorrow because both the main Shouse building AND the Shedroom buildings will be delivered. By 6pm tomorrow I should have both shells ready to be converted into my livable tiny house!

I found this one in Stroud, Oklahoma at a Derksen Portable Building lot. It was marked "used," however it was only "used" as a demo model. It has been on the lot for 2 years, so they marked it as used and gave it a discounted price. It measures 12' wide by 32' long. This building will be the long part of the T and will be the bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room.

Unlike my other shell, this one has a metal roof and a larger, roomier loft area. The loft in the back will have a twin bed and small dresser for my granddaughter when she comes to visit, and the other loft will form the ceiling of the bathroom and serve as extra storage for out of season clothing and holiday decor. I plan to add a railing and ladder for the sleeping loft. The storage loft will have plastic storage containers clearly labeled and easily accessible. Making sure that everything is convenient to locate and get down when the time comes.

I am really pleased that both buildings will arrive tomorrow. I am very disappointed in the length of time it has taken Better Built Barns to deliver the building I paid cash for, but Derksen's willingness to go out of their way for me has restored my faith in the portable building business. I am going to order my planned guest house and my granddaughter's play house from them next summer.

Front View of Cabin with Door Open

Front Porch

View Into Building From Front Door

View From Back of Cabin

Larger Loft 

Straight Back From Front of Building

Two Windows for Ventilation and Light
Plus One On The Front
Well, dear reader, things are about to get very interesting here at Rancho No Dinero. Tomorrow I will take pictures of the buildings being delivered. Next we will dive into how to run electric. I can hardly wait!!