Sunday, June 1, 2014

Second Leg of My Journey - Gallup, NM to Shamrock, TX

Gallup, NM to Shamrock, TX
I made it all the way to Shamrock, TX last night before finally calling it quits. It was about 2 am when I rolled up here at the Western Motel and the town was all rolled up itself. The room is nice and the shower was delightful. I fell asleep within 2 min of crawling into bed.

I decided to stop here last night because I wanted to see the sites as I pass through Oklahoma City and into the area where my property is located.  I want to get a lay of the land in the daylight, not late at night when I am exhausted and just barely keeping my eyes open. I am now contemplating getting back on the road for the final 3 hour drive to my new home.

Final stretch planned for today
The UHaul truck I am driving is the largest one they had available at 26’ long. Add the car hauler on and I have a unit that is the length of a semi. I was, honestly, nervous about driving such a large vehicle, but I now seem to have gotten a handle on it and am really enjoying it. The truck handles very nicely and the ride is smooth; Not at all what I expected. The trailer has been easy to tow and only once, when pulling into a parking lot with a steep entrance, did I hear it scrape. If you plan on renting a truck this large, keep this in mind: You cannot go over 65 comfortably and 55 is the ideal recommended by UHaul. I find that I hover between 55 and 65 and when I get to 65 it is only on long, flat stretches. Hills have beat me back down at times to less than 40 mph, in which case I put on the hazard lights, just like the big rigs.  We chugged slowly up two large sections of mountains in Arizona (Black Canyon City and the large grade heading into Flagstaff)) and then again yesterday climbing out of Albuquerque.  Gas mileage is abysmal, but that is to be expected when you are hauling everything you have acquired in 44 years plus pets and boyfriend.

I am super excited to get underway today, so I am going to end this update here. Stay tuned for the next post and some pictures of my new home.