Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Shouse and Shedroom Have Been Delivered!

Ever wondered how pre-built sheds are delivered and leveled on your lot? Wonder no longer! Here are  my two buildings being delivered. I purchased the buildings from two different companies, so I will post them being delivered in the order in which they were delivered. The beauty of having the buildings portable at first is that I get to position them on the land exactly where I want them. In fact, I am not quite satisfied with the placement of the Shedroom (bedroom and bathroom) so the gentleman you see in the video will be coming back this week to reposition it for me.

First, let me show you what my road looks like. You will notice there are no obstructions or low power lines. There are o obstructions or limitations to prevent delivery.

Looking west

Looking east

This is the spot where the buildings will go. It sits high up on my property and is sorrounded by trees. It is beautiful, has amazing views, and is private.

This is the perfect shady spot for the
 Shouse and the Shedroom!

This old truck cap that was here when I got the land
will be the roof to my chicken house once I get around to
building it. The carport cover will go here.

The first company arrived. The deliver man, Bryan, used a large horsepower truck with a fifth wheel hitch to deliver. He had no traction issues and was able to maneuver easily on the property.

The leveling process was quite interesting to watch as well. Here is a quick clip of that process in action.

Shortly after the first building arrived, the second followed. This company delivered using a semi tractor and that was a sight to behold. The truck could not get traction, and even worse, had a tire going flat. Fortunately the delivery man, Robert, was able to manipulate the trailer and the building into the perfect spot. He expertly leveled it with the help of his trailer which had a remote control and extended out further than the trailer in its fully option position.  Here is a clip of him leveling the building.

So there you have the delivery of the buildings. These two gentlemen make it look easy, but I am sure they have had plenty of practice.

In my next post I will be showing photos of the installation of the electric in each building! Thanks for stopping by the ranch.