Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hello? Can You Hear Me Now?

My first week here in Oklahoma has been both eventful and uneventful. Happy and sad at the same time. I cannot begin to tell you how nice the folks are here. I have had nothing but positive interactions with everyone I have met. Let me give you some examples:

Cell phone coverage is non-existent here. I can't get even one bar on my property and the surrounding areas are only 2g. I am trying to resolve the issue and it is sad, but there are several places with free WiFi, so that is a plus!

The very first night I arrived in OK I was pulled over at the only stop in the small town of Meeker. My brake lights were not working. Sad, right? I am happy. The police officer was very nice, told me to drive with my flashers on under the speed limit, and directed me to a very kind mechanic just a town over. I was very happy to know I needed to fix the lights while not to getting a ticket.

The very next day I was rear-ended by a little old lady in a Chrysler 3000 at that very same four-way stop. Sad, yes, but only for her car. My brand new hitch protected my car, but did not improve the appearance of hers. She said, "I thought you had gone." I said, "Honey, my big SUV was more than visible. You simply were not paying attention." She said, "Yes, you are right." I was happy my car suffered no damage but sad for her car. However, I am happy I didn't cause the accident and we were only going about 5 mph.

The evening before I went to return my Uhaul truck and car hauler, I checked into a hotel close by. I did this because I had to be at work early in the morning and would not have made the deadline to turn the truck back in without additional charges had I not dropped it off first. When I arrived I was frustrated to find a line of Uhaul vehicles and no one opening up the business. I drove to a nearby Walmart and parked the truck. I then dialed up the drop off place and left a nasty message stating I would not pay additional fees and would be back at my leisure to turn it in. The Uhaul place is roughly 2 hours from my work and I was not happy to have to drive all the way back just to turn in the damn truck. The owner of the business called and apologized and said to take my time. There would be no additional charges. She was super sweet and very sorry that she was not there. Evidently she was having a bad morning.

Unfortunately my cat, Helen Keller, went missing the fist night I arrived. I thought she would be ok, but it does not look like she is alive. I have not heard her crying or anything. I am pretty sure she was snatched by something that was hungry. I am very, very sad. She was a great cat. I hate to give up hope, but it just doesn't look promising. I doubt she just wandered off. I am sorry, Helen.

The house I was going to rehab is beyond saving. I put all of my things inside for storage and have decided to build a Shouse. However, I found a much better Shouse that is larger and will serve my purposes much better than a standard barn style of 12' x 36'. This one is two stories and quite a bit larger. I will be sure to post info as I build, but I don't want to reveal too much just yet. Just let me tell you it will be AMAZING!
Ralph and the dogs are worn out

The other night I slept outside under the stars. Millions of stars. I could see satellites quietly streaking across space for the first time in years. No airplanes, no airplane noise, no street lights, no traffic sounds. I listened to the sounds of crickets, cicadas, coyotes hunting, and the sounds of my 3 exhausted dogs gently breathing. I slept under a sheet, not hot, not cold. No mosquitoes, no annoying biting insects, sounds of the breeze in the trees. I saw a shooting star and Ralph said, "Make a wish." I replied, "My wish already came true." Best decision of my life buying this land and moving here!

I want to be sure to thank my new good friend and crony in homesteading, Rhianna Stone and her family for welcoming me with open arms and helping me to get my things off the Uhaul truck and into the old mobile. I could not have done it without them and I am so grateful to have such a friend here! I plan to do a podcast with her soon, so stay tuned for that! You can subscribe to my podcast on iTunes or Stitcher . Just search for Rancho No Dinero.

Today I crossed out a task on my to-do list by putting up my other mailbox and completed the ritual of changing my address at the post office here in town. I am an official resident here in OK now. Next week I have to get my OK tags and driver's license. I am home.

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  1. So happy for the up date. Looking forward to hearing more. Sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a beer. Good on you:)