Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Best Toothbrush Ever!

Every few months I go through the ritual of replacing my toothbrush. This common, used- twice-a-day item is one that I am perplexed by each time. Looking at the variety of styles, firmness, and number of bristles is mind boggling for this most simple of hygiene items. I stand in front of the display and look over the variety, but the choice is normally influenced primarily by the bottom line. The bottom line is the price. I always figure if I don't like the one I chose, I will be replacing it soon enough so no big deal.

The other day while grocery shopping at my local whole food market, I was perusing the hygiene isle when I spotted this toothbrush. I found it intriguing. The number of bristles and the shape of the head were what caught my eye. Then I spotted the price tag. $9.99 for a toothbrush. No way would I pay that much for a toothbrush. Now, I am no fool. I know that many "natural" products or products marketed as "good for the environment" are often marked up significantly, especially at stores such as this.

That evening while I was brushing my teeth before bed I got to thinking about that toothbrush. What exactly made it worth marketing at $9.99? What magic does that particular toothbrush hold? I couldn't resist looking it up and, boy, was I surprised. Here are just some of the details from Amazon:

  • 4,500 bristles, 2x more than ordinary brushes, help improve gum health with wide soft massage. Healthy gums reduce risk of heart disease.
  • Re-useable handle made from recycled plastic and natural fibers. The toothbrush is 93 percent recycled and a 47 percent renewable resource. Replacing the head saves 93 percent of the material wasted in ordinary toothbrushes.
  • Patented head has bristles that radiate out from a narrow head, giving a wide mass of bristles for comfortable massage of the gums and efficient removal of plaque.
  • Slim, flexible neck and narrow head makes brushing in tight spaces easy. Ergonomic handle helps reduce pressure on sensitive gums and teeth. Reversible right hand or left hand position, improving brushing effectiveness and accuracy.
  • RADIUS Source Toothbrush is 50% Petroleum Free, BPA Free, Latex Free, Gluten Free, Phthalates Free. Bristles made from 100% Vegetable oil. 

The name of this particular brush is the Radius Source recycled toothbrush. The handles are ergonomic and just by switching which way you put the brush head in you can make it fit either a right hand or left hand. The handle is meant to be reused. You replace the head every three months. The handles are made of recycled paper, dollar bills, wood, and flax.

I was pleased to find that you can purchase them for around $6 a brush, which includes an extra head, on Amazon. I found a 3 pack for $6.95 each and ordered two. With the included replacement heads, this means I won't have to buy another toothbrush for 3 years! Can't beat that!

The best part is that I love the way my mouth feels after brushing. My teeth are clean and my tender gums are in tact. I am very pleased with this toothbrush.

I just want to remind you, dear reader, that I am not reviewing this product for money or because I received free product. This is just something I purchased that I really like and felt you may benefit from my sharing. I like this toothbrush so much I am doing a give-away. If you would like one of your own to try, feel free to enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy brushing!