Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hunting for Character in Appliances

Look closely at the stoves I show here. What do you see? Look closer. Right! They are stoves that look like old-school wood burning stoves, but are, in fact, electric. How cool is that?

I have begun the search for appliances for my Shouse. I am trying to not purchase anything I would consider modern or trendy. Since I like to have a little character in my home and my style is more country/traditional, I stay away from things that you might describe as ultra modern, stainless, or one that is highly geometric with "clean lines".

I like something that looks vintage. You know, something like grandma would have had back in the day. I have found some cool looking ranges that look like wood burning stoves, but are in fact electric. I have yet to be successful purchasing one simply because they are unique and everyone but me seems to be made of money (insert my green-with-envy face here). I just made an offer on the black one shown here and am hopeful they will seriously consider it.

I have toyed with the option of buying a true wood-burning stove, but I am kinda set on having a small parlor wood burning stove for heat. Having a range would require me to be home a good portion of the day to prevent the fire from going out. I will not be able to commit the time to feeding the beast, but instead will go for the "look" without the hassle. The parlor stove will heat up the house quickly and will not require constant tending while I am at work or running to the city for the day on errands.

If you currently own a vintage wood burning stove and would like to convert it to electric, you can though the Good Time Stove Company. They convert vintage stoves to electric or gas and then sell them, or they can convert one that you have. What a great way to preserve a piece of history and keep traditions going!

Since I sold my car yesterday and have enough left after buying the new one to buy some kitchen appliances, I am very hopeful that a stove of unique character will come to be a part of my Shouse adventure. Cross your fingers that I will be able to score one of these unique stoves for my very own.