Monday, February 3, 2014

Keeping Lemons Longer - Store Them In Water

Will Lemons Keep Longer in the Fridge?
Happy Mason Jar Monday everyone. Today I have an experiment to share with you. I have heard tell that lemons will last 4 to 6 months if stored in the refrigerator in a jar filled with water. I have decided to try it out seeing as how lemons never last long in my house. Typically I store them in a bowl with other fruits and veggies. I rarely have them for longer than a week, maybe two, before they need to be tossed. While at the store the other day I found the most decadently smelling lemons I have found in a long time and decided to buy a bag. Knowing I won't use them before they spoil, I decided that we will use them to find out if the old wives tale is true or not.

Packed in loosely

If you do some searching around on the internet you will find that there really isn't much about storing lemons in water in the fridge. That which I could find never really said if it worked or not. Many of the posts encouraged folks to juice the lemon and just freeze it or to slice the lemon and freeze the slices in water. So yesterday I got out a half-gallon size Ball jar and my fresh bag of lemons to test it out for myself.

Ready to go in the fridge
I made sure to wash the jar first. I chose to rinse the lemons under cool running water, but that is it. No scrubbing or soap of any kind. I patted them dry and dropped them into the jar. I then filled up the jar with cool water, screwed the lid on, and put it in the fridge.

 I will check them once a week to see how they look, taste, and feel. I will keep you posted. Meanwhile, if this is how you store your lemons, share your experiences below. Happy Monday!

Update: 2/17/14:  So far the lemons are doing great. I have used two, one just last night, and they are as fresh as the day I bought them. So we are at two weeks and doing fine.