Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome New Year 2014

Here it is. The fresh slate we all dream of is here on the first of January 2014. This is the part where I am supposed to make a list of things I have long dreamed of doing but have not along with promises to achieve them within the next 365 days. While at a great New Years party thrown by a good friend and she had all the guests write down what we want to accomplish in this upcoming year. At midnight we burned the paper and send out our desires into the Universe. I stood for some time looking at the white quarter square of paper lost in thought when someone asked, "Do you need help with that?" Honestly? No. I was actually reflecting on how many of the things I said I would do at the beginning of 2013 were accomplished, just as I planned. I was really just thinking that I was rather proud of myself for not being one of those folks who always say they will do something and then just don't. I am a jump-in-with-both-feet kind of gal, and I like that about me. When I have a dream or set a goal, I get it done.

2013 was tough, but not as tough as 2012, so that is a good thing. So as I was considering what I want for this upcoming year, I decided to keep it simple.

  • Finish out the school year strong
  • Move to OK and get settled
  • Spend less time worrying 
  • Write every day 

The next six months will be decisive ones for me. I embrace the challenge, but always worry. Can I pull this off? Can I make this move? Yes. Yes I can. All doubt fades away.

I keep this vision in my head whenever I get discouraged:
On January 1st of 2015 I will be sitting in my cozy new home, feeding the wood stove, sipping hot coffee, and writing. I will look out the windows to snow on the ground that is unsullied by cars and people. I will turn on a light using the electric I wired. I will walk on the wood floors I, myself, installed. I will be warm in the house I insulated. I will cook in the kitchen on counters and cabinets I built and installed. I will be living green, eating healthy, and my pace of life will have slowed dramatically. I will be making a new list and reflecting on all I accomplished. I can hardly wait.
And so, as the new year begins, I wish all of my friends, family, and readers a wonderful new year. May your year begin strong and end with you smiling. May your worries be few. May the things you set your mind to be accomplished as you envision. May you look back on this year and think, "Ya, I got this."

Happy New Year 2014