Monday, December 30, 2013

Mason Jar Monday - Mini Light Covers

Yule was wonderful this year. I hope that everyone has had as wonderful a holiday season as I have. This past week has been spent with good family and friends, exchanging gifts, sharing meals, and visiting.

I was gifted with a great Mason Jar Monday idea: Mini Mason Jar Light Covers. Each vintage-style glass jar has a "ring" at the top where the jar seal should be on a real jar, there is a rubber piece that has an X cut in it. You just push a mini light into the jar.

The glass has a slight green tinge with bubbles in the glass, just like the vintage ones. They even read, "Mason Nov 30th 1858" on the glass. These are just adorable and the way the lights shine through them is beautiful. Each one measures about 3" tall and 1" in diameter.

I plan to hang these over my kitchen sink for a little additional lighting in a sweet country style. These are not inexpensive by any means, coming in at around $4 a jar, but I think they are well worth the investment. I was lucky enough to be gifted with two dozen! I am going to use them in the kitchen and in the living room. They provide lovely ambient light. I use LED lights that are battery operated so I can put them just about anywhere I want them.

Interested in buying some? You can find them here on Amazon.

Best wishes for a safe and Happy New Year from Rancho No Dinero!