Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mason Jar Monday Give Away - Insulated Mason-Look Mugs and Cups

Mason jar cups that hold the charm of glass jars but are durable plastic, double-walled, and safe from breaking if dropped? Ooooh, yes! Look what I found! These Mason Jar-look cups are fantastic and were a bargain at only $1.98 each (they were on after-holiday clearance)! I was lucky enough to have found two of the handle-style mugs with screw on lids and reusable straws. Each included extra tops for hot liquids making them twice as useful. Then I scored three that don't have handles that included just half-moon lids. I tried to buy a color variety so that each would be easily identifiable in a sea of similar cups.

Because these are double-walled (a jar within a jar, so to speak) I can safely hold hot liquids without burning my hands and cold liquids won't sweat all over. These are made of BPA free plastic with silicon seals on the easy to pop in and out lids. I have used them for both hot and cold liquids at this point and am very pleased. Conveniently they are dishwasher safe too!

I am hoping there will be more left, as I would like to have 6 of each style, but I am doubtful at this point as I think lots of folks would love to have these as well. I was successful in hunting them down on Amazon. If worse comes to worse, I can order them that way. You can go here to purchase them at their full retail price (sorry, wish I could find them all for the clearance price). The ones sold on Amazon have a clear lid and straw too in case you would like them for a wedding or baby shower or are just not a fan of the color options.

I look forward to using these out on the deck and patio as well as for enjoying my morning cup of Java on my commute to work. I like that these are safe for my granddaughter since they are not glass. I adore the reusable straws and how a flange on them prevents them from being pulled out of the cup. Lightweight, easy to clean, and a comfortable size, these will be well loved in my home.

Best yet? I have two for a give away!!! Yay!! So, interested in winning two for yourself? Enter here by following the link.

Mason Jar Cup Giveaway

Good luck!