Friday, January 10, 2014

Frontier House - A Historical Exercise in Homesteading

I love history. Home sick with a sinus infection and looking to entertain myself, I came across this series where folks were plucked from the 21st Century and transported back in time. I believe it was on PBS in the 90's. The families were selected from a pool of applicants to recreate the American experience of homesteading in the west for 5 months. I was as riveted to this program each week. Later there was a similar program produced named 1900's House.  I would love to be selected to participate in a project like this. I find the inability of some to think wisely and to adapt very frustrating in this program, but I have to remind myself that this was a television program and was edited to show a struggle, just as early Americans would have had to endure. However, you may find the woman who cries over silly things (I can't wear make up, wah wah) as annoying as I do. Here is the entire series for you to enjoy.

Episode 1 The American Dream

Episode 2 Promised Land

Episode 3 Until Death Do Us Part

Episode 4 Survival

Episode 5 A Family Affair

Episode 6 The Reconing

What do you think? Could you have lasted in the wild frontier or would you be one of the many who couldn't last 5 years to keep their claim?