Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Welcome to a New Year Rancho No Dinero Episode #8

I released podcast #8 yesterday (yay! It is about time, eh?) and in it I touched on how I am planning to build my kitchen. If you are interested in listening to the latest podcast, just click on the link below. 

Anyway, in this episode I touched on how rather than installing stock cabinets from my local home improvement store and laying out thousands of dollars, I am going to be creating my kitchen by re-purposing items I already have and some items I found at my local IKEA. Total cost? I am estimating, with a stove, under $1000. 

Here is the table I am going to make into a work space after painting with a satin black, adding a butcher-block counter top, and some decorative curtain: 

These are the new knobs and the fabric for the curtain. The current dangling pulls will be removed, the holes filled, and the new larger porcelain knobs installed. The drawers will be lined with cork and have a knife block in one of them. The other will hold other supplies as needed: 

Below are the kitchen components I talked about during the podcast that I plan on purchasing from IKEA. You can click on the link to go to the IKEA site if you like:

Numerar Counter Top 

Sundvik Changing Table (need 3) 

Fintorp Collection

Liatorp Wall Bridge/Shelf

Steinstorp Wall Shelf w/Storage 

More of the Fintorp Collection
As you can see, these combined with the re-purposed table should make a very Country/French Country style kitchen. The table, because it will be on rollers, will be able to be moved to be cleaned behind. The curtains can be washed as needed and the knobs are porcelain so they can be wiped with disinfectant too. They are also large enough to hang towels on. I am really quite excited to see how this turns out, so check back next week. I plan to sew the curtains and paint the table this weekend. I cannot yet get the butcher block counter, but that will be purchased as soon as a) I can afford it and, b) when I have a transport vehicle at my disposal. 

Again, the chest freezer will have a portion of the butcher block top installed on its lid, which will be level with the table and its butcher block top. The stove unit will sit between the table and the chest freezer.

What do you think? Is 14' of counter space (I subtracted some for the sink) enough counter space in a kitchen?