Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why Are Kitchen Cabinets So Expensive?

I have been, again, putting pencil to paper to "do me some figurin' " about my kitchen cabinets in the Shouse. First I went to visit Pinterest where I found these pictures that got me all excited:

Then I let me fingers do the walking on over to the big box "fix it yourself" store. Holy cow! I can't believe how expensive cabinets are! $300+ per cabinet? Are you kidding me? Ya, that will never do. I need to find a cheaper way. So then I let my fingers take me on over to Craigslist where I searched for "used" cabinets. Ok, that was more reasonable, but many of the cabinets available are still hanging on someone else's walls. They actually want the buyer to do all the work and take them down. Ain't nobody got time for that! The other ones I found were cruddy and I wouldn't want to put a dish or food item in them (ick!). 
Next I thought, "Hey! Flat pack. Surely someone makes them cheaper." 

 I headed on over to IKEA where I discovered A) I don't like their selection and B) they are as overpriced as the big box home improvement store. Ugh! 

What to do? Here is what I am going to do: 

I am going to build them myself. Yes, you read correctly. I am going to build the frames, install shelves, paint the bases, and then hang these doors that I got for an incredibly great price: $30 for all of them! They are solid Maple and made by KraftMaid Cabinets. I plan to build the bases something like this: 

I will then cover them with bead board, paint them an awesome country color, and cover the fridge as well to "blend it" in with the cabinetry. Combined with the slide outs I have already built: 

they will look amazing! After adding the cabinet doors, I plan to only install the cabinets on one wall and on the opposite will be my existing Ethan Allen china cabinet. Considering my dining room set looks like this...

I think it will make a lovely French Country kitchen. You may think this would looks strange, but there is simply no way I am giving up my dining room set. The table currently has two leafs in it, but they can be removed to make a nice round table. The cabinet will store my dishes, serving pieces, flatware, napkins, and tablecloths. When I want to entertain, I can pull out the leafs (stored under the bed) and double the size of the table. This will be a lovely country kitchen to be sure. If you could see the way I see it in my mind's eye, you would agree this will look just lovely in a Shouse. 

So, stay tuned dear reader as I embark on building (pre-building in sections then taking them with me to be installed) my kitchen for the Shouse. I am guessing it will be nowhere near $1200 to build. My best guess is under $500, not including the real butcher-block counter tops I will be installing.

What is your opinion? How would you design your dream Shouse kitchen?