Sunday, September 8, 2013

Why Tiny House Ownership Will Continue To Grow Exponentially

A recent poll taken by (no I am not affiliated with them in any way, shape, or form) shows what Tiny House folks have known for a long time: The American Dream is not in home ownership any longer, but in debt free home ownership. Consider the statistics they disaggregated from the data they collected: 

The survey, conducted by GFK Custom Research for, found that most respondents (27.9%) said the American Dream is retiring financially secure at 65, though coming in at second place, 23% defined it as being debt-free. The other options were owning a home (18.2%), graduating from college or paying off your student loans (6.6%) and joining the 1% (4.3%). The responses were rounded out by: other (11.4%), none (0.2%) and don’t know/no response (8.5%).
These results were derived from about 1,000 complete interviews with Americans 18 and older, including an approximately equal number of men and women.
“The poll underscores something I have long suspected — there’s a great deal of nostalgia for a promise that increasingly and tragically no longer exists,” says’s Co-Founder and Chairman Adam Levin. “Once upon a time, the American Dream was owning a home full of thriving, college-bound kids, two cars and little debt. Now it appears that for many Americans, the American Dream has changed.”

This article just shows how much our notions are changing. I feel Tiny Houses and sustainable living will become more and more common as people abandon the concept of the McMansion and credit card debt. Living tiny does mean living large!

What do you think? Is the American dream changing?