Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tiny House Red Tape - Damn Sticky Wicket

(WBIR-Anderson Co.) A downsizing dream has been stalled for one Anderson County man who spent his entire life savings building a tiny home that the state says is not certified to move into a mobile home park.

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I am of the opinion that getting a Tiny House certified as an RV is a poor decision. Many municipalities have limitations on living in something that is  certified as an RV and thus your ability to dwell in your Tiny House year round for years to come. Insurance does become an issue when you do not have your Tiny House certified as an RV, however there seems to be enough insurance agencies that are willing to underwrite the policy on a Tiny House.  You will need to do some investigating and leg-work in your local area. I also believe that parking your tiny house on your own land in a rural area will be less likely to draw attention due to more lax regulations and/or enforcement. 

What do you think? Should you certify your Tiny House as an RV? Should a special type of insurance be developed just for Tiny House owners?