Friday, September 13, 2013

Small Space Solution for Bathroom Clutter

Living in a tiny/small space means that every item you bring in takes up valuable real estate. A long time pet peeve of mine, even when living in a larger home, is bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash stored in my shower/tub area. Not only do they take up a lot of space, they look awful. In a tiny house this becomes even more apparent. Reducing clutter and the number of "things" on has or finding things that will do double-duty is very important when you are talking about less than 200 sq. ft. of space. I have found a fantastic solution to this problem.

Years ago I had found a really neat dispenser that mounted on the wall and held these liquids. You simply refilled them when they got low. It was brilliant, worked like a charm, and, unfortunately, had to be left behind when I sold the house because we had mounted it permanently to the wall. So today I was inspired to go find another. I found a great looking one on Amazon that I am going to order. I thought I would share it with you, my readers, today since you may find it as ingenious as I do. The price is fairly reasonable (ranging from $15 to around $60) and it is relatively attractive.

There are several other models and styles available that hold anywhere from one liquid to four. Offered in many different styles to fit with your decor, finishes in chrome, bronze, and white plastic help to blend into your overall bathroom scheme without being an eyesore. There is even one that looks like a runny nose here for those of you with more whimsical tastes. Additionally, many of the dispensers have added features such as hooks or mirrors for increased functionality further reducing the clutter typically found in the shower area.

I found with my first experience the best way to mount this item is with silicon. Although double-sided foam tape is normally provided, I find that it just doesn't hold up in the hot and wet conditions of a shower and I dread the idea of finding it laying in the tub with all of the contents running out. Mounting with silicon will provide a strong and waterproof installation that should last for years. Screws are often provided as well, however I find them unnecessary when I use the silicon, plus I don't want to put holes in my shower backing where water could potentially enter the wall.

When you make the change to downsize, little things can make a ton of difference. A shower dispenser will free up valuable space and keep your shower area tidy in a fairly attractive manner.