Sunday, September 8, 2013

Seeking Corporate Sponsorship

I have a great idea. I have a great plan. The problem is that I have limited funding. I want so much to bring my ideas to fruition, but I need a boost or this project may take years. I don't want to waste years of time. The answer may be found in corporate sponsorship.

The direction of this project has shifted somewhat. I originally just pictured building my tiny house, gardening, living off the grid, and being isolated as a way of life. However, as time has passed and my desire to write full time has increased, my goal has shifted to writing about a sustainable lifestyle while living in a tiny house. Documenting how living tiny can mean living large. Actually, I have two specific books planned: One on living a sustainable life in a real way and one on how to build a tiny house homestead. I really believe that the education portion of the tiny lifestyle has been left out. We have lots of people in the tiny house movement who write blogs about their personal experience building their tiny house, but very few to teach others how to go about actually living in their tiny house long term. I want to empower others with realistic and approachable sustainable living solutions.

I adore the tiny house movement. It is a brilliant solution to so many of today's complicated housing issues. We are really onto something here and I want to be a part of it. I want others to understand it is practical. It is doable. It is realistic. It is good for our environment. It is good for the soul. I want to write about it, talk about it, and, hell, I want to climb to the top of a mountain and shout down to the world about it.

One thing I really like about the tiny house life is the quality of every item that goes into the construction of the tiny house. There are no corners cut that won't come back to haunt a home owner later, so we might just as well do it right the first time. As a result of my research and my desire to be ethical and honest in sharing about materials I will be using, I am only soliciting companies whose product is up to my standard. That means I am fairly limited in sponsors to solicit, but I am very hopeful that I can form a partnership with some of them. I am most looking forward to being able to share about the materials I chose and why so that those who build their house after I do don't have to do all the legwork, but can get down to the business of building.

I have decided to reach out for corporate sponsorship when it comes to building tiny and the homestead itself. It feels a little like begging at times, but I think it is a great way to accomplish my goals and to share with the world at large the potential benefits of reducing our footprints without sacrificing quality of life. I know this is win-win because I am obsessed with researching almost every item that goes in my tiny house. I have done the legwork and found the best. I am going to seek sponsorship from companies whose products I actually use because I feel it is the most ethical approach. I want to share about these products and help others who may be considering the tiny life via my books, blog posts, podcasts, and videos, so I settle for nothing but the best.

Are you interested in sponsoring Rancho No Dinero? If so, please feel free to send  me an email at