Sunday, December 6, 2015

Podcast #28 What's Been Happening Around the Homestead?

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Podcast Title: What's Been Happening Around the Homestead?
Podcast Episode 28 Show Notes

This episode covers….

Tonight we talk about skunks, puppies, cats, screening in the porch, gutters, and how two people function together in a tiny house. Welcome to Tiny House Homestead! 

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from this episode:

Critters love to sleep on Ed.

Copper and Kratos seem to take turns in the bed.

Kratos loves to lay on his back.

Spent almost all of Thanksgiving holiday in my jammies!

They love to play tug with their chewies. Copper is on the left and Kratos is on the right.

Proof you can cook a turkey in a Tiny House!

Smoked ribs are very good.

My son learned how to use a smoker with the help of my neighbor.