Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hanging with My Gnomies

Ok, you have got to check out this garden gnome I received as a gift this holiday: 

Isn't he a hoot? This is called Garden Massacre. I just love him! Of course being the curious sort, I decided to find out how having gnomes in the garden got started. 

Wikipedia tells me garden gnomes started as garden dwarfs in the 19th century in Germany. They are a spin off of garden statuary from the Renaissance period. Eventually they were called garden gnomes around 1930. 

Gnomes are a fun item to add to your garden and I can't wait to see my little statue in my garden this spring. I poked around on Amazon and found a couple of other gnomes that are fun. 

Zen Garden Gnome
This guy looks totally relaxed. 

Mooning Garden Gnome
This guys is up to no good. I like him!

Gnomeland Security
If the one above gets too "cheeky" you can call in Gnomeland Security to take care of him.

Say Hello to My Little Friend
All I can say to this one is, "Oh my!"

Peek-a-Boo Solar Light
Need a little light in your garden? Let this little guy help light your way with his solar light.

Sweet Lantern Gnome
Let this sweet guy guide the way with his solar lantern.

Gnome Rain Gauge
Finally, there is this practical little gnome rain gauge. Cute huh? 

No garden would be complete without a gnome. I just love my new gnome and for now he will sit on a shelf inside my house. It will be fun to see him in the garden each day.

Do you have a gnome? Share with us in the comments below.