Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tiny House Recording Studio

Our Current Recording Studio
Tiny House Homestead has made a New Year resolution.  We are looking to take our Podcast, Tiny House Homestead, to the next level with a dedicated recording studio and a technology overhaul to present a more professional and polished podcast to a larger audience.

Currently our podcast is recorded at the kitchen table using an old laptop and a microphone purchased on Craigslist. We only produce one or two podcasts a month right now, but will be able to produce a podcast routinely every two weeks, podcasts sharing and teaching about living in a tiny house and becoming more self-sufficient. Our audience has grown by leaps and bounds and we would love to upgrade to be able to produce videos as well as audio. We are looking to add a Tiny Recording Studio to produce a more professional quality podcast using better equipment and updated technology. We have the perfect site for the recording studio and have already acquired the materials to run electricity and heat to the building.  

Total estimated cost of the project is $6500. This will allow us to purchase a building, insulate with sound foam, update technology (new microphone, better soundboard), and purchase better software. It would be amazing to start out 2016 with a great recording studio.

This Could Be Our Future Studio
Last year we were able to crowdfund running water and this year our project is a bit bigger and bolder. However this time the project will benefit more than just the homestead. The studio will be available for other local podcasters such as Rianna Stone of The Pagan Homesteader. Rianna and her family live in a tiny house too! Another show that will be launched is directed at homeschooling parents. Other podcasters will also be able to use the studio to produce their podcasts as well. Just imagine all the valuable content that could be shared free! Yes, that's right, podcasts are free to download.

The studio will be open to any local folks who wish to produce their podcast or edit video for their Youtube channel. We will even be able to help mix and master podcasts for folks who don't live in our state or have access to the technology to produce a quality podcast or audio file! Let's help other aspiring podcasters have an opportunity to produce their podcast without having to purchase expensive equipment. 

Contributors will receive great rewards too!

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Happy New Year!

**Update**  We have had interest from local podcasters to produce shows on: 

  • Horses
  • Permaculture
  • Gardening
  • Homeschooling