Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tiny House Homestead Sleepwear

Women's Pajamas
If you are anything like me, you enjoy kicking around your home comfortable in a pair of jammies. So, just for you (and a little for me too), I created a set of Tiny House Homestead pajamas! Your welcome! 

No, seriously, these pajamas will keep you warm and comfortable year round while helping support the Tiny House Homestead's Spring Garden Project. 

Men's Pajamas
Ok, ready for the best part? The pajamas come with a variety of pant prints to choose from. For women there is black check (shown), pink camo, blue stripe, red buffalo check, pink plaid, Democrat, and Republican. Men's choices include black check, blue stripe, red buffalo check, Democrat, Republican, and green camo. Sizes range from small to 2X. 

You can check out all the selections available in my new Cafe Press store as well as see other items with our logo at

Thank you for being a part of the Tiny House Homestead adventure!